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Monarch Urban is a real estate development and investment firm focused on infill residential, retail, and hospitality opportunities in Washington, DC and surrounding markets. Specializing in boutique properties allows us to take a nimble and creative approach to the development process and distinguishes our organization from larger, more institutional firms, which often have different, less community-focused investment objectives and processes.

Mission & Values

Creating exceptional places of which our company, our partners, and our communities can be proud. We differentiate ourselves from other developers through a better process and a better product.

A Better Process


We're open and honest people who operate with transparency and take accountability for our actions. We’ll admit our mistakes and, above all else, we’ll always work to do the right thing.


We build long-lasting relationships. Whether we’ve known each other for 20 minutes or 20 years, our relationships are critical to the success of our company and our communities. Our business relies on trust, so we work hard to earn and maintain it.


We strive to make a positive contribution to the existing communities where we build and the new communities we create. We appreciate the history and character of the built environment, and we value the personal relationships we form as part of our work. Seeing our communities prosper and thrive is our ultimate accomplishment.

A Better Product

Thoughtful Design

Design is not a luxury. We partner with innovative architects and designers who take a deliberate approach to the entire lifecycle of our properties, making them both aesthetically beautiful and functionally exceptional. We’re always on the lookout for new relationships with those who share our level of passion and dedication.

Quality Materials

Just like the ingredients of an incredible meal, the materials we put into our properties make a difference. We work diligently to source real, natural, and sustainable materials from makers who have a passion for how their products are made and promoted.

Expert Craftsmanship

They don't build them like they used to, but we do. We believe in the art of building and the importance of respecting proper techniques? to ensure our communities last the test of time. Our builders are true craftspeople who have spent lifetimes perfecting their skills so we can stand by our products with confidence and pride.

Our Team

Matt Kennerknecht


Nick Jessee


Jim Kennerknecht



Monarch Urban generally sponsors its own projects, meaning we source the opportunity, arrange debt and equity, build the team, and manage the entire scope of the project from start to finish.

Additionally, Monarch Urban can serve as a third-party consultant or fee developer that manages any and all aspects of a development project on behalf of a property owner. We can assist with one-off or ongoing tasks such as project feasibility analyses, consultant team assembly, design guidance, financing, construction management, and sales / leasing efforts.

Success Stories

The thoughtful design, attention to detail, and the high-end materials are what sold us on the Prout. Whenever we have friends over, we constantly get compliments on the kitchen and bath design, the flooring, and the lighting.
— Lindy S., The Prout
As friends and family have commented, The Prout is a showstopper from the outside and inside. Such care was taken to the materials, textiles, and installation.
— Jen M., The Prout
We really enjoy living at The Prout and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience.
— Tarin D./Nick S., The Prout
As first-time buyers, I don’t think we could have asked for better experience. From beginning to end, every person we met was helpful, willing to answer all of our questions, and went out of their way to make sure we had a positive experience
— Kevin R., The Prout
I would emphasize that in a city where flipping properties and renovations are common, Monarch Urban is a developer that can be trusted.
— Lindy S., The Prout
My experience with The Prout has been outstanding! Monarch Urban has been so gracious and timely, and made this DC newcomer feel welcome to her new home and city.
— Jen M., The Prout